How difficult is to try to be the perfect toast! (Old Post – 3 March 2015)

Anybody could think that to be a toast, a perfect toast, it’s an easy work. But the truth is, that from the package until to be on the plate -ready to be eaten-, there’s a lot of hard work.

toastsThe first step before start is to choose a good bread. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cereal bread, a yogurt bread or a normal one, it has to be as fresh as it is possible.

If we don’t pay attention to the raw material, then all the effort will be in vain, and the final result won’t be as delightful as it should.

Once that we have been selected as the perfect bread, we will have a new challenge to face, which is to keep healthy as far as we can.

If we are lazy slices of bread, we will probably be treated like that, and we’ll be thrown into the bin… sad end compared to the brilliant, warm and tasty future that we could achieve.

We have to keep calm; any wrong movement could make us to fall on the floor or eaten by the pet (Buaghh!).

Next step, and one of the most critical moments, the toasted. We have to be sure that we hold up the high temperature, but trying to not get burned, because in this case will be only two possible solutions: the painful scraping or fall into the deepness of the black bag…

If everything goes right, and we were strong enough to deal with the high temperature, it is the time when we will be placed into the plate. We should try to do the impossible to facilitate to the person to spread the butter over us. I know that this can be difficult and even a little bit disgusting/painful, depending on the temperature of the butter, but we are strong toasts, not as the delicate “french ones”.


Now, everything is almost done, but we have to remember that we have to stay in the plate until our diner carries us from the kitchen to the table. It’s almost as difficult as the previous time, but we are quite close and fail now will be translated into the anger of the diner, some noisy and not too good words, and a sad end for us.

So, we are ready on the table, we look great, our smell is delicious and we are prepared to give a moment of pleasure to the taste buds of our diner.

toast-breakfastEven if we receive an amount of jam, honey or a slice of ham, we have to keep calm… the final moment is so close.

Let’s do it! We have been raised from the plate, we are approaching to the mouth, feeling the warm (and maybe the morning breath), anddddd yes the first bite to us!!!

Ok, maybe it doesn’t feel as good as we were thinking… no, I’m sure, definitely this feeling is not good… Hey you!! Yes, you!! Stop right now, don’t bite me anymore!

Seriously, I have feelings, and a big family in the bag!! Please don’t, don’ttttt!!


Hope you liked the story, and also that you’ve learned about the hard life of our slices of bread 😛

See you in the next post!

P.S.: As the Internet is a well of mysterious and surprising things, if you are interested, you can get into the life of a slice of bread which only purpose in its life is to become toasted: I am Bread (Steam)


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