Photography (Old Post – 19 February 2015)


Photography is the science, art and practice of creating durable images […]

The best way to help your mind to immortalize special moments. To unleash our creativity, experimenting with such everyday things as a sunset, a lone bank, or the smile of a stranger.

bench-autumn-leavePhotography allows us to capture those moments that make us enjoy both those that give us fleeting sensations, or just everyday situations with friends, family and loved ones.

Only one camera is needed, and willingness to learn and discover new things, to enjoy this hobby. Once equipped, we just need to let our eyes take care about what to capture, then we will focus and will press the shutter.

Even after many years of experience, take a good picture at first can turn into something quite difficult. And that’s the main reason why it is always better to keep trying, making adjustments and taking multiple photos, than risking to taking only one.

The best way to improve our quality is to don’t stop taking pictures. And the best way to do that is trying to carry the camera with ourselves every time that we go for a walk, make a trip or just in a normal day.

Instead of carrying a big camera (a digital reflex), or even a digital one, we can take advantage of the camera of our smartphone.

street-bikesNowadays, the cameras incorporated in smartphones are quite good, and allows the user to play with different settings such as changing the exposure, the speed of the shutter…

They can serve us as a training tool when we are away from our equipment. And even when the quality of the image could be not as good as it will be with a digital reflex, is our eye and experience which will determine the final result.

So, instead of waiting for a perfect sunny day, or try to take the same pictures of your photography books, just choose the camera that suits better for you, go outside and start capturing the world that surrounds you.



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