Long live the real you!

Always take the road less travelled.
Seek out the real and ignore the babble.
Keep only the most true of friends.
Never fall foul of fads and trends.
Stand up for what your heart believes.
Have courage to call out the liars and thieves.
Out with the fake, make room for the new.
Death to dishonesty.
Long live irish true the real you.

Even though adverts can be quite annoying, it’s also true that from time to time a few of them bring out brilliant campaigns..

In this case, I have to say that the idea behind the advert is quite original, and I really like the metaphor of turning all de thoughts -the ones written on the firewood – into a new masterpiece, by using the charcoal produced by them.

The poem read by the voice-over, is simple, but it rings a bell in my head every time that I’ve listened or read it… We must be loyal to who we really are, and try to give us the life we deserve.


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