Rewriting what was written

Well, that’s going to be the beginning.

This blog was created almost 4 years ago (07/02/13)… Yup, 4 years under a non-activity routine. Before this, I created a personal one, which even though I didn’t delete it, I’m not going to link  or to recover the content to post it here, I’ve just realized that the blog service shut down and I’ve lost all the content.

But that’s not a problem, since I wrote other posts about different things for a college project (it was a weird module that I enjoyed a lot), and those ones will be revised and posted, while I create some “fresh content”.

The main idea of the blog is to keep practicing my English -at the same time that recovering my writing hobby-, by sharing ideas, things that I find interesting (stupidly funny) or I just like.

Even when you can be a keen on something, sometimes due to many different circumstances -lack of time or motivation- you can find yourself leaving aside all of them. And to get back to the “lost path”, a bit of help is needed.

In this case, my motivation came through two ways. The first one, through myself, by pursuing the goal of recovering an “old” hobby, and the second one, through the indirect motivation of two friends who also loves to read books.

We met almost two years ago, and we’ve knowing each other more and more since then. Sadly, the long distance between us is a variable that allow us to keep the contact only by using the different digital solutions that nowadays exist.

But even when the country where we live, language, culture or personality might be different, I’ve realised that we are the kind of people to whom that’s not a problem, and that’s one of the best gifts that anyone could receive.


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