One step back, and two steps forward

That’s the main idea.

Life experiences show us how to do things properly. We learn -or at least we should- from our mistakes, in a harder way than with our success, and I guess that’s the point… If there would be no consequences, we would just pass over it as something than it doesn’t matter.

So, as life is always surrounded by ups and downs, the only thing that we can do is to always try to think over and learn about the choices which made us fall, to go higher and farther in our next adventure.

Because that’s what is all about, isn’t? A big adventure, where after a step back (which can be a huge one sometimes), we must move two steps forward, take a look and point to what gives sense to our lives.

At the end, our life is a book full of chapters, where some things start, others end, and some of them evolve in the blink of an eye or after a long path.

Whatever it happens, there is only one rule, move forward. Because life is too precious to lose the opportunity to discover and learn new things, places or people.

Enjoy the adventure.



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